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Hi, I'm Varun Shanbhag, a Freelance SEO expert in Bangalore with 2 + years of experience in the online marketing industry. As a digital marketing professional my vision of giving my customers affordable SEO services is becoming possible day by day. I started the company in 2020 intending to become one of the best SEO freelancer in Bangalore which is a city of dreams where every other entrepreneur wants their online business to reach the sky.

A website is one of the vital parts for the growth of your business online in this digital age. A professional SEO Freelancer can help you to achieve these business goals using Search Engine Optimization which is a strategy designed to improve the ranking of the website on Search Engine Result Pages also known as SERP. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can help you to grow your business by sending in organic traffic to your website.

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Keyword research is the first thing we need to consider when auditing a website. Along with off-page and content marketing, Keyword research is one of the top three important ranking factors in SEO. Keyword research is the only difference between a website getting tons of traffic and a website getting none. Then comes the On-Page SEO which includes things like meta tags, Content optimization, Page speed optimization which is done to increase the ranking of a particular website in search engines. Technical SEO is done with the purpose of making the website faster, easier for google bots to understand and crawl the website which is the pillar of (SEO) search engine optimization.

An experienced SEO professional can help you with Content optimization which is very important if you want to rank for your targeted keywords say for example if I want my website to rank for the term "SEO Expert in Bangalore", Then the content has to be optimized in such a way that it becomes easier for Google bots the understand what our page is about and what services do we offer which in turn can boost up your rankings. Last but not the least Off-Page SEO (link building) is very important to increase the visibility of your website which also sends a signal to Google that your website is important to other users on the web.

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Apr 2017 - Mar 2018

I was working in a media company where my role was to market our services like SEO, Web design, Banner design, Newspaper advertising, and scheduling interviews

Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

This is where I touch the power of SEO in digital marketing and never looked back. Was working as an inhouse SEO helping in leads and bringing traffic to the website

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After learning all tips, tricks, and nuances of SEO, I finally decided to work as an SEO freelancer and provide service at an affordable price

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Hi everyone my name is Varun Shanbhag & in this article we're going to look at how to use social media to improve SEO. We all know how important social media is for any brand and any business to engage with their customers and potentially get more traffic to their websites but we're going to go further and explore how social media can potentially help improve your organic visibility on search engines such as Google.

So the one important thing to mention straight away is that social media engagement does not directly affect your SEO and what i mean by that is social signals such as the likes and shares that you get from social media posts, it's not going to directly influence your positions on search engines such as Google, but the one thing it can do is it can drive relevant traffic and engagement to your website.So let's talk about how social media can actually help indirectly to improve your SEO. 

Well the one thing it can do is if you're getting your posts shared to the right audience who are engaged with your content that can potentially give you opportunities to generate back-links to those posts that you've been sharing and these back-links will generally be from publications that are relevant and potentially high quality in your niche because these are the types of people who will look at it and say this piece of content is really good i might want to link to that in one of my current or future articles.

Now of course there's no guarantee that you're going to be generating back-links from sharing your content out on social media and it often comes down to your overall content marketing strategy and how you're exactly using social media, so are you finding the right audiences to begin with?  So as we know with SEO the one thing that everyone wants to do is be able to measure the results and success of SEO efforts, so one way that you can measure the social media impact on your SEO is by using UTM's on the urls. 

You can generate UTM urls for that particular post article that you're sharing and then you'll be able to track it on Google Analytics and see exactly how people have been engaging With that particular urland you can do this for any social media platform as well just by changing the source of the traffic you can create a campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name and that will allow you to effectively track and monitor exactly where you're getting your traffic from and then on google analytics you can go to acquisition campaigns and then all campaigns and you'll be able to see exactly how people have been engaging with the UTM links that you've been using to share your content on social media.

Other ways that social media can be used to support your SEO efforts is increasing brand awareness, increasing attitudinal and behavioral loyalty, increasing the reach of your content to a targeted audience and providing opportunities to build natural links to your content. Now the last question really is which social media platforms should you be focusing on? Well there's so many social media platforms out there so i wouldn't recommend going on every single one and sharing your content and it's important that you first identify where your customers hang out on and then from that you can see how they engage, What types of content do they post and engage with and then that will give you a better idea in terms of saying well this is a social media platform that i should be focusing on & there's plenty of ways to do  that.


Hey everybody Varun Shanbhag & here today I want to talk to you about the five website link building mistakes everyone makes especially when they're getting started into SEO and just have a new website out there.

1) Using only one tactic

The first one is if your are using only one tactic to dominate Google will never happen.. the reason it leaves too big of a footprint and Google's going to look at that and say hey that's not natural and as a result your rankings can drop.... for example if you're only concentrating on back-links in social media sites you know that's fine except that it's only one area, you know you need to diversify a little bit so get yourself out there, get your multiple tools and make it look natural.. have a little bit coming from comments on blog posts, guest posting on other blogs and then also your social media

2) Consistency

I've seen way too many times where people get into internet marketing, they're excited to get started except where they quickly realize that SEO in a website link building is just boring and tedious. It's the sad realization that people come to and they often quit because of it.. yeah it's not a glamorous job but it's going to get the job done and you're going to be found on the first page of Google when done properly.

3) Giving up Too Soon

If it were simple to create back-links, it would be good because they are so useful in terms of visibility in search engines However in order to be a good link builder, there are numerous obstacles and challenges we must overcome. Building links is really difficult :)

4) Not mixing things up

Not mixing it up and what I mean by that is that there they don't have enough keyword variations, they don't have enough URL variations and they don't have enough content size variations..make sure that you mix it up, have fun... you don't want just you know every blog post to be 500 words you want to just let it be natural, give your free thoughts to write it and if  600 this time you know 758 next time that's great! You want that variation.. it looks good, it's very natural so mix it up a little bit.

5) Doing Not Enough

Basically webmasters they get out there and they're just simply not doing enough.. one way to look at it is using SEO tools like Ahref, Semrush and see what your competition is doing and if you see that your competition has all of these links getting back to it then you know where you need to count ahead. Simply people just don't do enough.

 reasons for your rankings drop

This is Varun Shanbhag here and today I'm going to talk about what you should do when your SEO ranking drops so let's say you've started SEO and stuff and you rank for a couple of keywords and your website is receiving a tons of traffic & all of a sudden your keyword tracker says you have dropped a rank.

For the people that are already having knowledge about SEO and most of the people that already rank for particular stuff, they know that as soon as you drop like one rank in Google you get a lot less visitors. I think like the statistics are now around like the first search results get like 66 percent or something & second one it just drops off and the third one drops off and then afterward a lot of people really don't get a lot of visitors especially like Website ranking on the second page third page and the fourth page of the Google search results.. so this is why it's essential to have your ranking as high as possible but in some instances your SEO ranking can drop and that's why I made this article So you come to know what you can do when your ranking drops.

1) Researching

So the first thing I will think about is kind of researching if your ranking actually has dropped because I've been using a lot of keyword planners in I think the last year and I have to say that most of them  are not accurate. You can just sometimes just look up your own website and then it's on a certain page and that kind of stuff and then you look at it in a google tracker and it's somewhere else.

So the first thing you should do check your analytics to see if there is a specific drop-in visitors from month-to-month, day-to-day, week-to-week all the kind of stuff from around the point where your keyword tracker said that your rank has dropped. Check if your website has any technical issue like mobile usability or high page load time.

2) Check Internal Links

The second thing you should do is look at if some internal links are dropped right because this has something to do with it too. If there has been change in the internal linking structure it can affect users
navigation as-well as your rankings. 

3) Back-links

The third thing I will look at are your back-links. Is there like a problem with your back-links, are people that refer to you at their site not referring to you anymore. Maybe it's time to have that little talk with them about your links and how we can restore those links or maybe you just change something in your URL or something and people aren't going to that link anymore, duplicate content can do that to

4) Competitors

The last thing I would think about is have your competitors make any changes in their website because if your ranking drops somebody else's rises... so start looking at like the people above you and just look at those pages that they target those same keywords and see what's so different about their pages compared to yours and maybe you can just make that quick adjustment to get your rankings up.


So these are things you should check out. The first thing I would think about checking out is changes in your effective pages so maybe there's like rank drop in a page that you just changed, So you're gonna have to look at the content what you change and if it's working or not and start testing with more stuff to bring the visitor count up.

 what is mobile first indexing

Google announces moving all websites over to mobile first indexing in September 2020, This is a sound of alarm because if your site is not optimized for mobile and has not moved over to mobile first index by Google, it could be left out of the Google index but fear not as this is not as big of an issue as it seems. Google has been warning webmaster since 2016 to get your site and your mobile site get up and running in order to be evaluated.

So what exactly is mobile first indexing?

Well Mobile first in when Google spiders comes to your site & considers user experience  from the mobile device and from the desktop device which is bigger so you have to design your site in a way that it can serve both mobile first and desktop users as well. Most websites have been already optimized  and over 70% of these websites have been included in  the mobile search index.

How do you find out if your are in mobile search index?

You login to your Google search console and Google will send you a notification or a notice. Google  has already rolled this out and a lot of webmaster have experienced  their site moving up in the index already. So this is call to action if you haven't optimized your mobile site or if your site doesn't have a good mobile experience that can lead users confused, this also means that your rankings will go down as a factor because other optimized website are going to improve upon the mobile users first and it is important to think about this criteria.

If you already have a authoritative content which is trust worthy and you set yourself as an expert, This  is already enough to push you up higher on Google but you want to make sure that the experience is not neglected on mobile side of things. So this something which have to watched closely and how Google moves everyone over.  It is also interesting  too because all the outdated sites which have not moved over yet or don't have necessary guidelines outlined by Google, They might start dropping of which might make room for you to breathe in the top 10 Google search result and this might cause a lot of fluctuation in ranking.

But if you are already established this might not change too much of phase for you but if you are a new site and looking to carve out your space in the top 10 search results, this could be your moment to shine so make sure you focus on your technical SEO & drive it home because this is the year you start ranking.

 Now we're gonna Learn what is technical SEO which is becoming more and more prevalent in 2020. Why well firstly because Google has big ambitions of being able to serve up content as fast as possible on mobile so we need to make things easier for them.

1) Speed Optimization

Let's talk about speed optimization  first index which means that the result you would get for searching on your site on your phone is also the one that's served up on desktop so basically you need to be fast, if you have a fast site you don't necessarily get a bonus but if you have a slow site you're gonna get filtered in the mobile first index here's the tricks of making a website fast:

1)  Size your images before you upload them
2)  don't upload HD images to your site but use word and use WordPress to shrink them down to smaller thumbnail sizes. Your website will still load the full thing which takes forever
3) other than that reduce HTTP requests
4)  upgrade your hosts move to account like content delivery network leverage caching minimize plugins and so forth or just outsource.Outsourcing speed optimization is commoditized so it's very cheap. I personally  use WP speed fix.

2) Installing HTTPS

you should also install an SSL certificate and get HTTPS up on your site. A recent study showed that over 90% of websites have HTTPS. You might not have noticed this but chrome is showing a not secure marking for sites without SSL. SSL is easy to install there's free versions and paid versions and whether or not you think it's a significant ranking factor who cares just do it it takes minutes to set up so why ignore it.

3) Managing number of pages indexed

You also need to manage the number of pages you have indexed. Google gives you a crawl budget which is a maximum number of pages they want to look at based on your authority. If you waste it your main pages might get ignored so make sure not to index stuff like author pages, search pages categories Media and media files because this is a common issue that both all-in-one and Yoast SEO are prone to messing up one wrong setting and you could 10x the number of index pages on your site which almost always results in a ranking drop. All this technical stuff is manageable with your SEO plugins like yes turn one that is if they're behaving properly.

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