Top 4 Reasons For Your Keywords Ranking Drop

Top 4 Reasons For Your Keywords Ranking Drop

 reasons for your rankings drop

This is Varun Shanbhag here and today I'm going to talk about what you should do when your SEO ranking drops so let's say you've started SEO and stuff and you rank for a couple of keywords and your website is receiving a tons of traffic & all of a sudden your keyword tracker says you have dropped a rank.

For the people that are already having knowledge about SEO and most of the people that already rank for particular stuff, they know that as soon as you drop like one rank in Google you get a lot less visitors. I think like the statistics are now around like the first search results get like 66 percent or something & second one it just drops off and the third one drops off and then afterward a lot of people really don't get a lot of visitors especially like Website ranking on the second page third page and the fourth page of the Google search results.. so this is why it's essential to have your ranking as high as possible but in some instances your SEO ranking can drop and that's why I made this article So you come to know what you can do when your ranking drops.

1) Researching

So the first thing I will think about is kind of researching if your ranking actually has dropped because I've been using a lot of keyword planners in I think the last year and I have to say that most of them  are not accurate. You can just sometimes just look up your own website and then it's on a certain page and that kind of stuff and then you look at it in a google tracker and it's somewhere else.

So the first thing you should do check your analytics to see if there is a specific drop-in visitors from month-to-month, day-to-day, week-to-week all the kind of stuff from around the point where your keyword tracker said that your rank has dropped. Check if your website has any technical issue like mobile usability or high page load time.

2) Check Internal Links

The second thing you should do is look at if some internal links are dropped right because this has something to do with it too. If there has been change in the internal linking structure it can affect users
navigation as-well as your rankings. 

3) Back-links

The third thing I will look at are your back-links. Is there like a problem with your back-links, are people that refer to you at their site not referring to you anymore. Maybe it's time to have that little talk with them about your links and how we can restore those links or maybe you just change something in your URL or something and people aren't going to that link anymore, duplicate content can do that to

4) Competitors

The last thing I would think about is have your competitors make any changes in their website because if your ranking drops somebody else's rises... so start looking at like the people above you and just look at those pages that they target those same keywords and see what's so different about their pages compared to yours and maybe you can just make that quick adjustment to get your rankings up.


So these are things you should check out. The first thing I would think about checking out is changes in your effective pages so maybe there's like rank drop in a page that you just changed, So you're gonna have to look at the content what you change and if it's working or not and start testing with more stuff to bring the visitor count up.