Top 5 Link Building Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

Top 5 Link Building Mistakes To Avoid in 2021


Hey everybody Varun Shanbhag & here today I want to talk to you about the five website link building mistakes everyone makes especially when they're getting started into SEO and just have a new website out there.

1) Using only one tactic

The first one is if your are using only one tactic to dominate Google will never happen.. the reason it leaves too big of a footprint and Google's going to look at that and say hey that's not natural and as a result your rankings can drop.... for example if you're only concentrating on back-links in social media sites you know that's fine except that it's only one area, you know you need to diversify a little bit so get yourself out there, get your multiple tools and make it look natural.. have a little bit coming from comments on blog posts, guest posting on other blogs and then also your social media

2) Consistency

I've seen way too many times where people get into internet marketing, they're excited to get started except where they quickly realize that SEO in a website link building is just boring and tedious. It's the sad realization that people come to and they often quit because of it.. yeah it's not a glamorous job but it's going to get the job done and you're going to be found on the first page of Google when done properly.

3) Giving up Too Soon

If it were simple to create back-links, it would be good because they are so useful in terms of visibility in search engines However in order to be a good link builder, there are numerous obstacles and challenges we must overcome. Building links is really difficult :)

4) Not mixing things up

Not mixing it up and what I mean by that is that there they don't have enough keyword variations, they don't have enough URL variations and they don't have enough content size variations..make sure that you mix it up, have fun... you don't want just you know every blog post to be 500 words you want to just let it be natural, give your free thoughts to write it and if  600 this time you know 758 next time that's great! You want that variation.. it looks good, it's very natural so mix it up a little bit.

5) Doing Not Enough

Basically webmasters they get out there and they're just simply not doing enough.. one way to look at it is using SEO tools like Ahref, Semrush and see what your competition is doing and if you see that your competition has all of these links getting back to it then you know where you need to count ahead. Simply people just don't do enough.