What is Mobile First Indexing & It's Importance in  2020

What is Mobile First Indexing & It's Importance in 2020

 what is mobile first indexing

Google announces moving all websites over to mobile first indexing in September 2020, This is a sound of alarm because if your site is not optimized for mobile and has not moved over to mobile first index by Google, it could be left out of the Google index but fear not as this is not as big of an issue as it seems. Google has been warning webmaster since 2016 to get your site and your mobile site get up and running in order to be evaluated.

So what exactly is mobile first indexing?

Well Mobile first in when Google spiders comes to your site & considers user experience  from the mobile device and from the desktop device which is bigger so you have to design your site in a way that it can serve both mobile first and desktop users as well. Most websites have been already optimized  and over 70% of these websites have been included in  the mobile search index.

How do you find out if your are in mobile search index?

You login to your Google search console and Google will send you a notification or a notice. Google  has already rolled this out and a lot of webmaster have experienced  their site moving up in the index already. So this is call to action if you haven't optimized your mobile site or if your site doesn't have a good mobile experience that can lead users confused, this also means that your rankings will go down as a factor because other optimized website are going to improve upon the mobile users first and it is important to think about this criteria.

If you already have a authoritative content which is trust worthy and you set yourself as an expert, This  is already enough to push you up higher on Google but you want to make sure that the experience is not neglected on mobile side of things. So this something which have to watched closely and how Google moves everyone over.  It is also interesting  too because all the outdated sites which have not moved over yet or don't have necessary guidelines outlined by Google, They might start dropping of which might make room for you to breathe in the top 10 Google search result and this might cause a lot of fluctuation in ranking.

But if you are already established this might not change too much of phase for you but if you are a new site and looking to carve out your space in the top 10 search results, this could be your moment to shine so make sure you focus on your technical SEO & drive it home because this is the year you start ranking.