What is Technical SEO & Why is it Important ?

What is Technical SEO & Why is it Important ?

 Now we're gonna Learn what is technical SEO which is becoming more and more prevalent in 2020. Why well firstly because Google has big ambitions of being able to serve up content as fast as possible on mobile so we need to make things easier for them.

1) Speed Optimization

Let's talk about speed optimization  first index which means that the result you would get for searching on your site on your phone is also the one that's served up on desktop so basically you need to be fast, if you have a fast site you don't necessarily get a bonus but if you have a slow site you're gonna get filtered in the mobile first index here's the tricks of making a website fast:

1)  Size your images before you upload them
2)  don't upload HD images to your site but use word and use WordPress to shrink them down to smaller thumbnail sizes. Your website will still load the full thing which takes forever
3) other than that reduce HTTP requests
4)  upgrade your hosts move to account like content delivery network leverage caching minimize plugins and so forth or just outsource.Outsourcing speed optimization is commoditized so it's very cheap. I personally  use WP speed fix.

2) Installing HTTPS

you should also install an SSL certificate and get HTTPS up on your site. A recent study showed that over 90% of websites have HTTPS. You might not have noticed this but chrome is showing a not secure marking for sites without SSL. SSL is easy to install there's free versions and paid versions and whether or not you think it's a significant ranking factor who cares just do it it takes minutes to set up so why ignore it.

3) Managing number of pages indexed

You also need to manage the number of pages you have indexed. Google gives you a crawl budget which is a maximum number of pages they want to look at based on your authority. If you waste it your main pages might get ignored so make sure not to index stuff like author pages, search pages categories Media and media files because this is a common issue that both all-in-one and Yoast SEO are prone to messing up one wrong setting and you could 10x the number of index pages on your site which almost always results in a ranking drop. All this technical stuff is manageable with your SEO plugins like yes turn one that is if they're behaving properly.